Geo-fencing is a feature in a software program which uses global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries. It allows an administrator to set up triggers so when a device enters or exits the boundaries defined by the administrator, an alert will be given.

In recent days the evolution of gadgets is getting increased with great demand. The GPS (Global Positioning System) is used worldwide to reach the target audience. Geography plays a vital role in it, in creating customized and targeted market campaign. Geo-Targeting would grow high in the upcoming days as the need of mobile has surpassed PC use it’s because every user requires all the information being at their workplace or home. Geotargeting is something that targets a particular audience to provide the information based on their locality.

Types of geo-fencing

There are different types of geofencing which are implemented in our daily life. They are

  • SMS Geo fencing
  • Display Advertising
  • Social media advertising
SMS Geo fencing

Automatic SMS can be sent to the customers when they move into the area within geo forcewhich encourages them to step into the store and avail the discounts and offers available

Display Advertising

It is the most common technique where geo-fencing in display advertising is used by big brands. Incorporating mobile locations into advertising campaigns that allow native ads to be realised in a controlled way to specific people based on their location.

Social media advertising

Social media advertising with geo-fencing uses location information when social media adsare displayed.

Ease of Geo- fencing

Starting a geo-fencing is very simple, all you need is an app and GPS coordinates

Geo fencing plugin is a location-based digital marketing tool which allows the marketers to send notification ads or banner ads to smartphone users in a defined geographical area. It can be achieved with help of GPS or any location tracking technology that is present in all the mobile devices. The first step involved in the work process of geo fencing is

  • It sets up a perimeter with the help of the available location attributes used by location services.
  • The trigger action is set.
  • If a person enters into the area mentioned then the trigger action will send them notification of ads to the subject with its content.
  • Impression and click get tracked.
  • If the user clicks in the notification ad then it redirects to the advertiser’s site.

Geo fencing being a boon

  • It finds a perfect venue where the target audience will have specific wants or needs
  • It does not include a location where there is the absence of the target audience
  • It adjusts advertisers bids on ads to prioritize better location
  • It analyses consumers behaviour and preferences form the past visited locations

Achieving geo fencing using revive ad server

Revive adserver is an open-source platform used by many advertisers, publishers and ad agencies. One such platform is where they provide many plugins among which geo fencing is used by many users as it satisfies the users. Geo fencing is a feature in software program GPS or RFID to define geographical boundaries. For further more clear idea about geo fencing do check

Enhancement of CRM with geo-fencing

Customer Relationship Management can be enhanced with geo-fencing where geo-fencing is used in sending special offers which have become a common business practice. When a customer has your app in walks into a particular area, which is monitored so then offers and notifications will be sent. Strategically using geo fencing becomes an indispensable tool towards the loyalty of the customer.

Future of geo fencing

There are some cautions in geo fencing when it comes to privacy in marketing. The current status of geo fencing is a broad spectrum of possibilities where geo fencing is already used in personal productivity management, family tracking etc. The emerging reality is undoubtedly an automated one where tasks will no longer require human efforts.

Geo fencing marketing provides a win-win situation for retailers and customers by integrating the online and offline experience via mobile

The more you know about customer’s habit and mind the better equipped is the one which provides both positive and lucrative one with little creativity to meet the needs of the customer.



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