The next generation of technology yet to be unleashed

An overview

We are all aware of how well the mankind has developed its race over the past two decades. Yet there is a never-ending quest in the sixth-sense of man. A new artificial species called the “Computers” are at development which are already ruling out the world with a scepter named “technology”. Whatever we do or achieve today, are mainly done by those species. But yet there is a limitation which keeps a distance between us and our newly created species. It is hard to tame them as we have to put a lot of work into it. So what about we control them “by mind”? Pretty cool, ain’t it? We are just going to discuss such a technology whose facts are going to blow your mind. Just make yourselves cozy and let’s get a tour to it.

A Breakthrough Technology to the brain:

This is what you see when you enter Neuralink’s site. Neuralink is an organization entered it’s foot officially is this technology and is far ahead. We shall see that later. But why does they call it “the breakthrough technology of the brain” ? As we have discussed in the previous header, it is the technology through which you can control a computer by your mind. That is, through your brain. You may now have various questions running in your mind like “Will it be possible?” “Who all have entered in this build?” “Any development till now?” “What are all the advantages that we can enjoy with it?” “What will it’s cons do?” Brilliant thinking! And we shall discuss them all starting with an additional overview which will have complete details of the algorithm based on which scientists and technologists work to achieve it.

Who is in the study?

Despite some large-scaled start-ups and monsters have made a step into the technology, none of them have officially been made it obvious except the human-computer bridging organization Neuralink Inc. by the modern-era’s human lord of technology-Elon Musk. Elon Musk has made himself involved in making many impossibilities in the modern world possible. Some of them to be considerable are Tesla’s electric cars, SpaceX’s reusable rockets and Solar City’s super-chargable panels etc.,

Now, through Neuralink technologies, he has entered in making chips through which humans can directly have a control over specific computers. We shall have a detailed information of how it works and further updates from the corporate.

What is a Neuralink chip?

To understand how it works, we have to know how the human brain works. Do we really need a human brain? Well yes, but definitely yes. Despite all the mammals have nearly similar brains, humans indeed have been standing the last in the evolution list. So ours literally is a well-developed, applicable brain to have a study on. Our brain consists of several regions through which we are able to perform several actions. All the senses-either painful or pleasure, and all emotions from happiness to depression and fear and excitement are all the actions of neurons or the cells which form the nerves work from the specific regions. So if you are able to bridge an object that can control a computer or any other device and your brain’s controlling zone, you would be able to achieve the controlling of the computer from your brain. That is, you can open your laptop, run commands, write texts, play games through your mind.

All of these actions are now started by playing songs inside our brain. Now a question arises,”Playing songs? How will we be able to hear them if our ears are outside?” The ear is an organ to analyse the change of sound waves and frequencies, which is a different concept. Let’s keep it aside and take an example. Imagine waking up from a dream which felt so real which is so hard to believe that it was actually a dream? Hope everyone might have had it. It is one of the times your brain starts to work so much in your imagination and looses it’s control over the dream so that you’ll be confused whether it was a true or not. Similarly, if you know a song and love it very much that whenever you sleep it goes on repeating as a realistic experience which is equivalent to listening. The introductory project of Neuralink is based on such idea. It stimulates your brain to make imaginations which are similar to listening to the songs.

Why still not in market?

Okay, duh… It’s reasonable when it may take time. But why haven’t it been released still? C’mon man, there are small devices through which ordinary people get accessed to the dark net and large games of 100s of GBs get compressed to 10s of MBs, why haven’t the idea been come into reality? And think of all technologies… Hacker from thousands of miles peeking through your device and all…? But why haven’t you released this thing in market? Despite all technologies, this kinda looks a basic one. What ‘s making it late? Why so serious? These are the questions that are frequently been asked whenever Elon Musk posts something regarding Neuralink. This question, for kown people, may not be as mandatory as it looks, yet its been asked by many people all over.

The point seems logical on “the other technologies have been developed, but why not this?” sentence, but we all have to be aware that, one of the mysteries that are still hard to solve are “How our body works?”,in which exploring the brain itself is a tedious and huge research-mandatory work. All the results about the zones in the brain and their function hasn’t been confirmed yet but we are all moving on assumptions. A product which is to be inserted on a human body requires a lot of study, research, knowledge and guarantee that it would work. Dialysis instruments, a Cardiac Defibrilliator, and the copper-Ts that are all implemented into the body have come across various researches, tests and proofs. But this is completely different from them since we are placing a chip on an organ(the brain) which we know the least about. So there are practically many challenges in studying about it. The scientists of Neuralink has said “We can’t even calculate the probability percentage of this chip’s success since we haven’t gained knowledge about the human brain. Misleading it’s treatment may even destroy something irrecoverable”. But now their processes in studying the brain have been great and they are a few steps ahead of getting the “Imaginary music stream” to reality. In no time, Musk, who has never fooled us, will come with our dream ‘in-mind’ devices.

Working Principle

Okay, all those things apart, how does it work? On what algorithm are the scientists set up themselves in this huge project? How does this N1 chip(Presumed to be Neuralink’s 1st chip) work inside a wholesome human brain? Let us start describing the process completely. Let us know first of all how a brain works.

Brain is a station which controls all the other parts of the body. They achieve all these action-controlling by using neurons or the nerve cells. Neurons are the cells which form up the tissues called nerves through which all our senses are transported to the brain. If we touch something something, the message is transported from the nerves from the part of the body which felt the touch to the “touches and sensing” junction of the brain. Based on the pressure, temperature and solidity of our touch or contact with the particular place that we touched, the junction gives back an order of how to react to the touch or sense. Pressure, temperature and solidity? What are those? Pressure is the result of the energy of your body part and the contact surface. If you touch a wall slightly, nothing happens. But when you punch the same wall, the bones, muscles and nerves of your hand region are disturbed, which the brain doesn’t want to continue so it sends a message to stop in the form of pain. Temperature responses can be felt when you touch extremely hot or cold things. Solidity is the sense when you touch the different kinds of matter-like solid, jellies, pastes and liquids. Let’s not go too far from the chip. So,as we said, all these actions are done through neurons. The message is passed through electric impulses through the nerves. If we are able to calculate the amount of electricity that is passed through frequency, power and other electricity parameters, we will be able to use them to controls similar actions ourselves artificially.

If you are not having a biology background on a brain, let us define it more detailed. Let us take an example. Touch something and as soon as you touch it, you get the feel right? When you touch something, the tips of the neurons touch something, where they get disturbed. An electric induction is formed there due to a collapse in the normal function This electric induction is now passed through an other neuron or the one holding it’s leg, through the ‘flow of electricity from +ve to -ve’. That is, if a neuron gets disturbed it turns from a +ve to -ve charge or vice versa. So if the 1st neuron is +ve and the next one being -ve, electricity starts flowing. This flowing finally gets to the brain. Pressure, temperature and solidity affect the power of the electricity flowing through. So every single action has it’s own unique charge of electric charge. If we are able to know it, we will be able to continue it. So let’s close the example with a summary of you touch, electric induction formed, conducted through neurons and reaches the brain. The brain interprets the charge, gives back a message through electric impulse, reaches the last neuron, we feel the toch. If the last neuron gets an addition message like “take the hand back”,”continue touching”,”feel it”, the hand does the received message. Since we have told that the nerves can conduct electricity, that’s why we can feel electric shocks!

So as we said, if we know the amount of electricity flown, we may control through ourselves. How do we achieve it? Here is the answer. The amount of electricity flown are generally processed through censors consisting of electrodes. The resultant change in the nature of electrodes help in the calculation of the electricity. So the chip will detect the amount of electricity passing through and will interpret it so that it can be understood by the computer. So what you do, what are you thinking, what are you trying to say are all now could be understood by the computer. So you can control a specific computer or device which has the application with the algorithm encoded to understand what you are thinking and will respond to that. If you are thinking of telling “Okay Google” to your phone and it has the software of Neuralink, bam! Google opens up even without saying “Okay Google”. Cool, ain’t it?

Features we will be enjoying with Neuralink’s chip

And now for the features that we are gonna enjoy with the N1 chip.

  1. We can control literally all devices through our mind, like a hacker or god(Our own is the difference, yet it is fun)
  2. We can listen to music inside our brain, no need for headsets, affecting our ears, bluetooth problems(Don’t blame us for the ads in-between).
  3. We can read the messages without even opening the applications(even without opening the devices) directly to our mind and reply to them.
  4. Having Google maps running in your mind? No more walking in a fast flowing traffic looking at your phones anymore.
  5. It’s of the best use to the people who can’t speak. They can literally do everything what we can do. They can now control audio=controlled systems too!

All the other merits may come under these. Don’t feel “Only 5 merits?” The impact is too large, like Google has an advantage “You can search anything” is a one-merit point and all comes inside it, likewise.

Limitations and threats

Despite it has many advantages, it has a serious possibilities on it’s demerits too.

  1. We know that every device can be hacked, from a phone to large server-side computers. This chip is not a stand-out invention that escapes hacking. The chip will contain all your secrets because it is connected to your mind. If one hacks it, they will know your everything.
  2. The place which is going to be zoned is the brain. If a small imbalance will lead to a collapse in the body or even death.
  3. It leaves a permanent scar to the skull and skin, even if it is removed and no longer used, a small crack in the skull may lead to many adverse effects.
  4. If it does whatever we think, it could be problematic too. A little example, if you get a message from someone you are “pretending” to like and you wish to reply them some “Swear words” and it sends them the message and if you have no idea you sent it, bam! You no longer need to pretend. Funny example but serious effect though. Another example, you may think of transferring some amount to an unknown account and it has sent and you cannot get it back or you have to put a lot of work to get it back just because you thought…Poof! No freedom of imagination.

All the disadvantages that one can face are compressed in these points. Looks like not-a-good-thing-to-get-in-my-brain to me. Comment on what you think about getting it implanted in you.

Any updates from Neuralink?

Let us start from the appearance of the chip.
  1. The chip has a mind-blowing matrix of 1024 channels
  2. It’s size is small(not very small to get in brain but small enough for a first attempt of the future technology) with a dimension of 23 mm x 8 mm.
  3. It can transfer data in MB(not mega bytes, mega bits, this seems enough since the data algorithm may use keywords for actions).
  4. The battery is estimated to run all day (Good enough. We can charge it when we sleep).

Neuralink’s link chip is successful on testing with pigs. There are many pigs that were tested. Dorothee is a pig which is leading a normal pig-life after removing the neuralink chip. Gertrude is a pig which is going good with 2-month old chip inside it(According to the last update)and there are a few pigs with more than one chip inside them too. Elon says he soon is going to represent the chip inside humans as a live telecast. Hail!

Can I get in the team?

If you are interested in joining the Neuraink team or you may have any idea regarding the improvement of the project, you can directly join or contact them. There are many jobs opened.

You can look for jobs in the following link:

Neuralink jobs

Job openings at Neuralink

Also you can reach them through the following link:


Hope you got a little idea on the N1 link chip of Neuralink by Elon Musk, which will make you a god(nearly). Comment on improvements needed in this article.


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