So this is my first article as a Field Scope Analyst. Let’s get started with one of the most bizarre and tremendously growing(by growing, hereby I mention both by size and by speed) fields in the world- the field of Information Technology.

So, first of all, what does the term “Information Technology” mean?

Let’s get ourselves obvious with the term. Day by day, we all hear that “he/she works in an IT company…!” or like “he/she is a software engineer or something…who knows?”. We have made ourselves somewhat familiar with the concept that IT deals with people doing something with their computers, typing something unknown all day along. Okay, boring intro’s apart, let’s get directly to actually what it is.

As the name itself indicates, IT field deals with the Information or Data that are required for processing the daily life schedule of an individual. What are the data? Data or Information are the details that are required for processing some work. So let’s get started with getting a deep swim in the sea of the field of Information Technology.

What is Data? 

Despite referencing data as plainly “information”, let’s get a brief explanation of what data actually is. 

Data , as a brief, is nothing but the details about an individual, that are required for their existence. The significance of Data? Let’s take you are an individual who is applying for schooling or something relative. The birth certificate is the first thing that people see i.e, The Birth Certificate is a personal data (or) information. Why can’t these alone be one’s data? The answer is, currently we are living in a technical field which requires details other than birth nationality certificates for our being. From a student to a professional, people are viewed daily by others. So, in order for them to know you, you need not show them your birth certificate or something (DON’T BE TOO PERSONAL).

Why is Data so complicated?

So, from the above explanation, one may think, “So what? You are giving some of your details. What’s a big deal with that? Why so many people and MNC’s trying to do something inside huge and attractive buildings? Well then, let’s dive in again.

The Data refers to info that you provide-this is what I said. This doesn’t definitely mean that you will provide things which are of small size. Let’s see some examples. For example, if you are a YouTube streamer, and you are uploading a video that is huge enough to run for an hour, some places are required to store the data(that is, in YouTube your video is your data). YouTube says that for every 10 seconds, videos of hours and hours of duration are uploaded. So, in order to deal with them and remove the unwanted ones. Similarly, every social media passes several data storage places for where your data are stored. The population is currently around 8 billion(whoa!!!) and daily tons and tons of information are being passed that the current IT companies find it a great challenge to cope up with the data. Now let’s see where the data are stored.

Where is Data stored?

Data is stored in the form of pieces of codes(We’ll look about this in the next phrase) in places called servers. Wait a minute…I’ve heard about this word ‘server’. What do I know about it? Yeah… when I can’t reach a website or something online, especially when looking for some data, I say that “Oops…server is busy/crashed” but I don’t know what it is and why we use it. Now let’s see elaborately what a server is and what a cloud is.

So? What is a server? A simple definition is, server is nothing but the place or object where/in which you store the tons and tons of data that are created or shared daily. A specific server has a specified amount or size of Data inside it. When we search for something in a website(which contains data). So when we are typing something in the search, which is the data require, we request for a permission from the server. If it accepts, it gives you the data that you require. If it not answers, then there are many requests in the line or the server has a problem or is being closed.

Let’s simplify this definition, just in case. Server is a room where data is stored. You need to press the bell for you to get in and have the data inside the room. If someone gets your request and open it, you may get in and have the goodies. If not, it means that you are in a queue of people trying to enter it or perhaps the door is locked.

Now, some of you may wonder, since the data that we people process day by day are huge and huge that we couldn’t even imagine, then how come servers can store those tons and tons of Data? Well of course, here is the answer. One or two servers obviously cannot store much data, but a whole bunch of them can. How? They are inter-connected in hundreds or even thousands(that depends on the amount of data you deal with) to store the data. The collection or bunches of these servers is called the “cloud database”, where the huge loads of data are stored in. These will control all the other servers in it and decide which request gets to which server.

What does an IT company do?

Now we all have a little bit of knowledge of what Data is. Now let’s get again to the term “IT”. What is “technology dealing with information?” “What all the people do with that computers?” “Why are the companies for?” Let’s see what these companies actually do?

Let’s see the division of the IT field. Basically, we divide it into three divisions- the hardware section, the database section and the software section. All these days, we might have had a view that software is synonymous with IT. Of course it is the most well known field and the product of other two divisions it indirectly means it. But in origin, it’s the product of the divisions-that’s it. And now let’s get deeply into the topics separately.


By the word hardware, we here mean that hardware is not only a subset of IT field, it’s also a separate field but it’s applications are also considerable in IT field that it has acclaimed itself one of the major divisions of the IT field. Now we shall have a brief definition of what hardware is and what hardware does in the IT field.

The term hardware is defined as the process of manufacturing and the working of the hard physical components. In IT field, hardware section includes the properties of external hard parts including monitor, keyboard and mouse and the internal parts like processor, motherboard and chips. These are all been made to execute several processes like functioning the computer or other electric devices.(We all will see the open job scopes as an IT hardware engineer in our next article.)


We have already seen a very detailed definition of what data is, how it is stored and the process involved. The processes involved in the management of data is called Database engineering. We shall have a detailed discussion on their job openings in the next article.


Now comes the most interesting subset of the IT field-the software part. The software or the “invisible” things that can be seen or can’t be touched. okay now let’s get a detailed definition of it now.

The most obvious definition for software is “software is a set of instructions, data or programs used to operate computers and execute specific tasks. Opposite of hardware, which describes the physical aspects of a computer, software is a generic term used to refer to applications, scripts and programs that run on a device.” If this doesn’t seem pretty obvious, let’s shrink it down a bit. It’s the result of our commands or orders which we give to the computer to execute. Okay, so how can we communicate with the computer? Yeah, many of you know the answer- the programming languages. Let’s get a separate article regarding programming languages, not to dump everything in a single article-to be obvious.

As a conclusion, I hope that the IT field is somewhat clearly defined through this article. And clearly , I’ll be posting many articles for people who are willing to know about any field specifically. Thank You.


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