Day by day we are getting more advanced and visualizing ourselves in a better tomorrow. Every day most of the scientists are toiling to find new technologies to decrease human burden, increase the life span, protect the environment, and so on.

Here is the list of technologies I found quite interesting. While moving through this blog, just imagine how your life will be, if you have all these technologies. What will you do with this.?

10. Clothes Suitable for all Weather

We all know, we use cotton clothes in summer, woolen clothes in winter to keep ourselves adaptable to the weather. Will you believe if I say that the material will be suitable for all sorts of weather?

A small group of scientists from various countries has created a universal fabric which you can wear in both hot and cold climatic condition. This fabric notices temperature changes: it gives a small amount of insulation when it’s warm, and increases when it is cold. The main highlight of this fabric is, it is completely passive. Means humans don’t have to adjust anything, they can just enjoy the weather.

13 Amazing Technologies That Make Us Feel the Future Is Near

9. Drones as Selfie Sticks

Many of the people in recent days are obsessed towards photographs and photoshops. We all wish to capture all our unforgettable memories with selfies. You may think about selfie sticks but it has become quite old fashioned nowadays.

 Italy has designed a drone only for selfies. This flying camera is small so you can carry anywhere you go. And this camera can capture high definition pictures.

AKASO A31 Review: 1080P HD Camera Drone

8. Personal Advertising

Most of the time, we may get annoyed when we see some unnecessary ads. Especially when we are eating or doing something important, particular ads will completely spoil our mood.

In Japan, marketing specialists had decided to improve particular sensors that can identify your gender by scanning your pupil, and Artificial Intelligence will identify your reaction for those ads.

In the blink of an eye, it may find a product that interests you (for example, if you wish to buy a car, it will display cars based on your interest).

HTC unveils VR's future with new Vive headset, eye-tracking, and more
Personal Advertisement

7. Self-Healing ‘Living Concrete’

Building a new house is a dream of every common man. We will even feel disappointed if the house cracks after a few days due to certain external factors. How will you feel, if all those walls heal by itself?

Scientists have developed with the help of sand, gel, and bacteria. Researchers said that this building material has the capability of self-healing. This is environmentally friendly than ordinary concrete.

Bacteria based self healing concrete – A review - ScienceDirect

6.Fridge that order for you

Most of the time, we may forget to order groceries, vegetables, etc…. If it’s a strike or lockdown you may be starving or you may feel regretful. You may feel happy if someone knows your need and purchase everything for you. What if it’s your fridge.

It is a refrigerator that has been programmed to sense what kind of products are being stored inside it and keep track of stock through RFID scanning. This kind of refrigerator is often equipped to determine itself whenever a food item needs to be replenished.

If you have this fridge, you’ll never head to the supermarket again.

This Is The Order In Which You Should Eat The Produce In Your Fridge
Smart Fridge

5. 3D Food Printer

Every dad’s little princess loves this technology, 3d food printer. Modern technology wishes to change your life. You don’t have to cook anymore, just print it and eat it.

In the USA, there are already 3D printers that can print chocolate and pancakes. There’s also a new device that is able to print cake, ravioli, cookies, and even pizza. And people say it tasty.

3D Printed Food

4. Working in Virtual Reality

The primary subject of virtual reality is simulating the vision. Every headset aims to their approach to creating an immersive 3D environment. Each VR headset puts up a screen in front of the eye thus, eliminating any interaction with the real world.

Working in Virtual World

3. Nanobots

If we are suffering from fever or if a particular organ as damaged due to an accident or any particular disease, we usually take pharmaceuticals which usually affects non-target organs along with target tissues.

Nanobots are robots made of nanomaterials that can carry out tasks. Scientists hope to use nanobots in medicine to kill cancer cells, deliver drugs to target tissues, and improve vaccines. Nanobots are also used in research as DNA probes, cell imaging materials, and cell specific delivery vehicles.


2. Anti-Aging Drugs.  

Most of us will have a thought that what happens if we continue our life as youth itself. Why I’m getting aged. Most of the 90’s kids will have this sort of thought like do I become old? Here is a solution to all your worries.

We’re getting closer to having anti-aging drugs on the market. Many different diseases like cancer, dementia, and heart disease could be improved or prevented if we can slow down the aging process. These drugs would target the natural aging process in the body. It has been tested in humans and achieved some success.

Stay young forever

1. Cryonics

Do you know what is the biggest fear every creature has? Fear of death. Can we cheat death? Can we live without dying?

Cryonics is the practice of preserving human bodies in extremely cold temperatures with the hope of reviving them sometime in the future. The idea behind this is, if someone has been died due to an incurable disease today, their bodies will be preserved and revived when the medicine has been discovered for that disease in the future.

Weird Science of Cheating Death

All these emerging technologies will have both advantages and disadvantages. It may provide you great opportunity or brings you the greatest chaos. Encourage the new discoveries still don’t live a more sophisticated life. Think out of the box discover new things.  Thank you for reading this article!!!! Hope you like this.



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