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Arattai the alternative

Arattai – The Alternative

Zoho, the Software product firm launches messaging app Arattai which crossed 20,000 downloads on iOS and Android in few days after release.Zoho Corporation , the

Tsunami Warning System

Tsunami Warning System

Tsunami is one of the powerful and destructive natural disaster which is serious threat to life and property. Mostly it is caused by large earthquakes

watchOS 7
Apple Medical

watchOS 7 – Hand washing detection

Apple is one of the top leading company in the world that released many products like iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch, iPad,  Apple TV, Home pod, macOS, iOS, iPad OS, watchOS,


Pill Camera (Capsule Endoscopy)

The pill cam was invented by Israeli inventor Gavriel Iddan in the 1990s. The pill has an 8-hour battery, light sources (LED light), a camera,