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Artificial Intelligence

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities in Data Analytics

Data analytics is nothing new and neither is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Over the next few years, the impact of data analytics on the world will

Internet of Things and the security

Internet of Things (IoT) and the Security Consequences That Come With It

The Internet of Things (IoT) has rapidly transformed over the last few years, driven by the evolution of distributed network technologies. According to a study

Machine Learning

Everything That You Need to Know About Machine Learning (ML) in 2020

Machine learning (ML) is a technology that automates analytical model building. From autonomous cars to speech translation, machine learning is leveraging AI’s capabilities to provide


Is Blockchain the Safest Technology for the Finance Sector?

Blockchain technology has shown its ability to transform and revolutionize various sectors, even in its nascent stages. The benefits of decentralization and transparency are attractive