Zoho, the Software product firm launches messaging app Arattai which crossed 20,000 downloads on iOS and Android in few days after release.
Zoho Corporation , the Indian multinational company which is headquartered in Chennai, India founded by Sridhar Vembu in 1996 .
As zoho is named for developing business software, it now footprints in the messaging platform. With concerns around the privacy of converstaion
and personal information on Whatsapp, Zoho has come up with a consumer messaging app ARATTAI which means chit-chat in Tamil. Now the Beta version of
Zoho’s Arattai app was released in Google play and Play store for public downloads.

Make in India answer to Whatsapp? Chennai based messaging app Arattai to  launch in a few days

What data does whatsapp asks for?

Whatsapp will ask users to accept updated Terms of Service or DELETE the account.
Information to be shared with Facebook:

  1. Account registration information
  2. Transaction data
  3. Service-related information
  4. Information on intraction with others(including business)
  5. IP Address
  6. Mobile device Information

What are the datas collected by Arattai?

Arattai asks you to provide information like Phone number, profile name, address, data usage and other optional information.
Currently the messages are not end to end encrypted but the company is being working on it and it will introduced during the formal launch of the

What does arattai assures?

Arattai assures that it doesn’t share information that it collects with any third parties without user’s knowledge. It also assures that it won’t sell or trade the datas with respect to the use of the application. However, it might share the users data with the employees, business partners, reselling partners and service provides who are all engaged by the app to assist in rendering the service. But those information sharing occurs only to know basis and to maintain appropriate confidentiality and security practices.

It may also share the information with Governmental agencied in order to:

  • Comply with applicable laws
  • Protect the rights and safety of users
  • To prevent fraud

What does Arattai promises?

  • Customer privacy is first priority
  • Aratti make sure that the user’s data is private and accessed only by the respective users
  • Arattai is free for a life-time

The following pictures shows the comparison between Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram and Arattai

Whatsapp vs Telegram vs Signal vs Arattai

The capability of Arattai includes chats, group chats with 1000 limit of people, secret chats, file sharing and scanning of the document.

Some Tweets about Arattai:

Our Arattai team asked me to not talk about our instant messaging app yet but since it is already being talked about, I guess I can talk too. This is friends-and-family trial release. We will do a formal launch in few weeks. We have a lot more in store. Stay tuned!

Sridhar vembu, CEO of Zoho Corporation

With concerns around the privacy of conversation on messaging platform in focus, Chennai and US based firm Zoho has come up with a consumer messaging app called Arattai.

TN Updates

Friends, I just installed Arattai App developed by Zoho! Can it be a good replacement to Whatsapp? Your suggestions? Since it’s developed by Zoho it can be considered Swadeshi & I think we can consider using this new app. #Arattai is a Tamil word meaning chitchat.

SG Suryah

Auto delete is great. Will be friendly for elderly people. No need to delete manually. Media contents will be auto deleted . Good and simple @arattaiapp
Great from @svembu @zoho.

Suva Bharani Udaya Selvan


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